GoodData News #2: Before the release

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We are very close to the public release of GoodData.CN, a cloud-native edition of our analytics platform. One of the features that I like about GoodData.CN is its commitment to the concept of headless analytics. Headless in the sense that you don’t need a GUI to make it work.

Such a concept is so obvious when you think about database engines. You can connect to it via the command line, you can call it from your application written in any language, you can access it using your favorite SQL client. Imagine a MySQL installation that would come with a GUI as the only way to access the engine. So why not analytics? Yet that’s what analytics usually looks like, and it even seems the “head” is the most crucial piece. I think otherwise. If the data results–the output of an analytics engine–really matter, they need to be put back to work, be part of the workflow, part of the business logic, part of the action. Not just being visualized.

I’m pumped about this GoodData.CN release–and headless analytics is just one of the reasons.

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